3D Models

A selection of some of my favorite 3D models

ANATOMY, Upper Extremity

A 3D NURBS model of all the muscles and ligaments in the human body. The model above is converted from NURBS to polygons. 



Action Henk, Toy Dragon

A toy dragon for the video game Action Henk. Loosely based on the Efteling attraction Draak Lichtgeraakt. I did the design, modeling and texture mapping.



Clean 3D model of the iPhone SE with PBR materials. The model consists of 1030 triangles and 5 texture maps. It's possible to assign a video texture to the display. 

Texture maps


Low poly WW1 Red BARON

The legendary Red Baron. This is a low poly model of the Fokker Dr.1 and together with the Sopwith Camel it forms my WW1 Fighter Aircraft package, which is available on the Unity Asset store

Each aircraft comes with 25 different textures and moveable parts for easy animation.

The package is great for low poly games (including mobile), rapid prototyping and for using the aircraft as background decoration.



Action Henk, Chinook

Main transport of Dr. Kentony, the nemesis of Henk in the video game Action Henk. This model was used as background decoration and in several cutscenes.