Creatures of the beach

A short film about the beach near The Hague and it's creatures. 

Music by Louigi Verona! Check out his bandcamp page for more amazing music:


Unofficial music video for the track Eurodance  by Jeff. Massive thanks to Jeff for allowing me to use his track for this video.

With this video I placed third in the Revision 2017 Animation competition!


Hoffman - Serenity

Unofficial music video for the track Serenity  by Hoffman, check out the full album at his bandcamp page. All footage was shot in Devon, UK.



Photos taken with my Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro.


Photography - Utah ANIMALS [March 2017]


PHOTOGRAPHY - UKRAINE [30.12.2015 - 21.01.2016]

A selection of some of my favorite pictures.